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Data Center Indonesia


Choosing the right data center is a very important decision for your business. How well the colocation of your choice operates will determine the productivity of your service as well as the efficiency of your budget. Besides asking the colocation company of what features they can offer you, you also ask yourself regarding what kind of service you demand from them. Here are some things you need to consider before choosing a colocation for your business.

What Kind of Service Do You Need?

First of all, you need to figure out what kind of service you will need. The more reliable the data centers are, the more expensive the price you have to pay. While higher tiers colocations will ensure more reliable service, you don’t have to get it if your business doesn’t need it, especially if your budget is limited. Just make sure the colocation service you choose is scalable so you can upgrade the service just in case you need it.

Where the Colocation is Located?

You also have to consider where the colocation is located. Even though you have heard about a very good facility outside the city and you really like the services it provides, it is still unwise to use it if the location is too far from your company. Even though the facility provides 24/7 supports that will troubleshoot your computing problem, your in-house staff will need to visit every once in a while. If the colocation is too far from your company, the transportation cost you have to bear will be too high and you can’t act in case of emergency.

Is the Company Reputable?

Last but not least, company reputation is very important so make sure you choose colocation service with plenty of experiences. Your business is on the line here and your customers will be angry if there is something wrong with your server, so don’t take risks by choosing just any company only to save cost.